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Location & Post Audio for "Curtains"

Iconograph Studios released "Curtains," a short film originally made for the 48 Hour film festival. Ceridwen Productions provided location audio, post production audio, and a score by Douglas Bischoff.

"Nautical Naughties" mastered at Ceridwen Productions

"Nautical Naughties," the latest release by folk performer "Willoughby Caught" was mastered by Douglas Bischoff of Ceridwen Productions.

Location & Post Audio, Color Correction

4Sight Studios and American Mutt Studios called on Ceridwen Productions for location audio and audio post-production on a set of PSA commercials for the Red Cross. Once the audio work was done, we performed Color Correction and composed a score for one of the two.

Audio Post and Soundtrack for "The Ashes"

Filmmaker Scott Hornsby contracted Ceridwen Productions to handle audio post-production for his short film "The Ashes" which features a score by Douglas Bischoff.

"Clyde's Country - Remastered" Released

Country music songwriter and performer Clyde Brumfield contracted Ceridwen Productions to remaster his album, Clyde's Country. The new CD features cover artwork by Douglas Bischoff.

"Life, Friends, and Broken Hearts" Released

Ceridwen Productions congratulates country music songwriter and performer Clyde Brumfield on the release of his latest CD, Life, Friends, & Broken Hearts. The album was recorded at Ceridwen Productions, mixed and mastered by Douglas Bischoff. Clyde's "outlaw country" style visions were brought to life by longtime associate Ray Benafield and the talented musicians from Ceridwen Productions' studio roster, including Catherine Hauke, Michael Kazalski, and Paul Anderson.

Retrospective Recorded and Remastered

Run Wild Records' flagship artist Coyote Run called on Ceridwen Productions to produce its Ten Year Retrospective dual-CD release. Featuring remastered tracks from 10 years' worth CDs, studio recordings, and live recordings, this ambitious project showcases all of the services offered by Ceridwen Productions, including music videos included on the CDs as CD Enhanced content!

DVD and Audio Project Released

Celtic Rock band Coyote Run contracted with Ceridwen Productions for an ambitious DVD release of their live concert "A Kilted Christmas." The DVD featured footage shot at Colonial Williamsburg's Kimball Theatre, and includes a digital download card for access to the high-quality audio mixes from the concert.

Run Wild Records New CD

Ceridwen Productions' Doug Bischoff engineered and mastered Run Wild Records' latest offering, "Voices of the Goddess Volume 1." This 12-track CD combines the vocal and instrumental talents of 4 prominent female vocalists with producer David Doersch's arrangements to create a stunning and powerful musical compilation.

Coyote Run CD Produced in New Facility

Celtic Rock Band Coyote Run releases their 7th album, "Between Wick And Flame," produced by band member David Doersch in conjunction with Ceridwen Productions' Doug Bischoff. This album was the first to be recorded and mixed in Ceridwen Productions' new studio facilities in Providence Forge. The final disc was mastered by Brett Zilahi of João Carvalho Mastering.

New CD Release Features DVD and Music Video

Celtic Alternative Band Coyote Run's latest album, "Places," features video production work by Ceridwen Productions. The album is a 2-disc set, the second disc of which is a DVD shot, produced, and authored by Ceridwen Productions.
Included on the DVD is the band's first music video, "But For Blood", produced and directed by Ceridwen Productions' Doug Bischoff.

"Faire Enough" Debut CD Produced

The self-titled CD from the Celtic Music group "Faire Enough" was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Ceridwen Productions' studio. This was a great project which dramatically expanded the scope and capabilities of CP's audio studio.

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Sample Recordings

Client Testimonials

Ceridwen Productions Location Audio Recording Services

We are fully equipped to handle on-location professional audio recording tasks both large and small. Whether you are recording direct-to-camera with an audio mixer or need a separate recording system for sync in post we have you covered.

Location audio gear includes shotgun mics and booms as well as wireless lavalier systems for optimum capture of audio performances. For smaller shoots we can capture 2 sources to discreet channels. For large shoots we can stream up to 16 distinct sources to a laptop recording rig!

Post-production audio services including ADR, cleanup, mixdown, and scoring complete the package. We specialize in working with HDSLR/DSLR videographers: let us bring professional-quality audio to your videography!

Ceridwen Productions' Audio Recording Studio

Our Recording Studio is a Digital Performer-based all-digital recording studio located in the quiet environs of Charles City county, conveniently halfway between Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia. We specialize in recording and producing acoustic & electronic music from singer/songwriters to Rock and Alternative bands.

Whether your project is fully-produced and ready to record, or you are looking to take your ideas and work with an experienced producer to see them realized, we think you'll find what you need here. We have an excellent working relationship with outstanding local session musicians and our staff arranger can create the backing music you might need to realize your vision.

Our facilities feature two recording rooms, including a full drum room with studio kit, as well as our acoustically tuned mixing and control room. We can record a full band in isolation, or capture your performance all in one pass as needed.

The studio's amenities include wireless internet, coffee, a lounge with DVDs and video game consoles, overnight accomodations, and access to our kitchen and refrigerator should your project require an extended stay.

Lastly, our setup is fully portable, allowing our audio engineering team to record your performance live and return to the studio for a full mixdown including any necessary overdubs.

Location Audio Gear

  • Røde NTG-3 Shotgun Microphone with Rycote Windjammer
  • Shure KSM-141 Cardioid Microphone with Rycote Softie
  • Countryman B6 Lavalier Mic
  • Tram TR-50 Lavalier Mic


  • 16-channel MOTU field recording system
  • SoundDevices MixPre-D 2-channel Digital Field Mixer
  • Tascam DR-100 mk II Digital Field Recorder
  • Sennheiser EW-100 G3 Wireless Rig
  • Sennheiser EW-100 G2 Wireless Rig
  • Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones
  • K-Tek Avalon Boom Pole
  • Shure IFB Wireless Monitoring System

Recording Studio Hardware

  • Dual 2.26GHz Intel Quad Core Macintosh Pro
  • Dual Monitors
  • 3.0 Terabyte SATA RAID
  • KRK VXT8 Nearfield Reference Monitors
  • M-Audio Studiophile Surround & Center Channel Monitors
  • HSU Research Subwoofer


  • MOTU 2408mk3 96kHz/24bit Audio Interface
  • MOTU 896hd 192kHz/24bit 8 channel preamp
  • MOTU 8pre 96kHz/24bit 8 channel preamp
  • AVID Artist Series Mix & Transport DAW Controllers

Recording Studio Audio Gear

  • AEA R-84 Ribbon Mic
  • CAD Trion-7000 Ribbon Mic
  • 2x Røde NT-5 Cardiod Condenser Mics
  • 2x Audio-Technica 4033 Large Diaphragm Cardiod Condenser Mics
  • Shure KSM-141 Multi- Pattern Condenser Mic
  • Shure KSM-27 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Mic
  • Shure Beta-98 Instrument Conenser Mic
  • sE Electronics 2200 a II Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic
  • 3x Audix F-10 Dynamic Drum Mics
  • Audix F-12 Dynamic Drum Mic
  • Shure Beta-91 Kick Drum Mic
  • 3x Shure Beta-57 Dynamic Instrument Mics
  • Shure Beta-58 Dynamic Vocal Mic


  • 2ch AEA TRP Ribbon Preamp
  • 2ch PreSonus BlueTUBE Tube Preamp
  • 2ch Behringer Pre-Q Preamp/DI
  • MOTU 896hd 8 channel preamp
  • MOTU 8pre 8 channel preamp
  • Multiple Radial DI Boxes

Instruments Available

  • 5-piece Gretsch Catalina Drum Kit with Paiste Signature Series Cymbals
  • Martin D-18V Acoustic Guitar
  • Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II Electric Guitar
  • Gibson "Flatiron" Mandolin
  • Fender Acoustic "Nashville Tuned" Guitar
  • Peavey Model 212-Classic Tube Guitar Amp
    • 2x12 Built-In Speaker Cabinet
    • Spring Reverb
    • Tremolo
  • Fender 4-String Bass
  • Hammered Dulcimer
  • Various Hand Percussion
  • Various Brass & Ethnic Wind Instruments
  • Professional Session Musicians Available by Arrangement


  • MOTU Digital Performer 8
  • EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra Platinum
  • EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
  • EastWest/Quantum Leap Gypsy
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro
  • Garritan Jazz & Big Band Library
  • Garritan Instant Orchestra Library
  • MOTU MachFive3 Sampling Software
  • MOTU MX4 Synthesizer
  • Waves SSL-4000 Series Plugins
  • Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb Suite
  • Antares AVOX Evo Processing Suite
  • iZotope Ozone Mastering Suite
  • izotope RX Advanced Audio Restoration Suite
  • iZotope Trash Distortion & Processing Suite
  • Line 6 POD Farm
This playlist represents a sample of some of the songs recorded, engineered, and mixed at our recording studio. Click on a track to listen to it! (Please keep in mind that these are compressed MP3 files: the CD and DVD quality recordings are uncompressed and higher quality.)

Some of the artists we have been privileged to record:

Client Testimonials

"Doug is an excellent composer with an ear for tone, feel, emotion and listens attentively to what a Director wants. I hired Doug to score a PSA for the Red Cross and loved the music so much that I used it for my second PSA I directed.

He has a keen eye when it comes to color as well: he helped perfect the color for the Red Cross PSA, which made the image quality much more compelling and was the "icing" to really perfecting the PSA.

Hiring Doug is like hiring 3 or 4 people. Sound in the film world whether it is a PSA, a commercial, a feature film - sound is everything and so is Post-Production. I would hire Doug again in a heart beat and plan to in the future. For not just composing and scoring, but post-production work I recommend Doug highly."
-Sonyo Lee Ferstl, American Mutt Studios

"I was in need of finding someone to produce high quality audio recordings to accompany my company's Video Training Series - Douglas and his talents were exactly what I was looking for. The quality of the audio production/editing was incredible, his professional recommendations were outstanding, and his overall technical knowledge was impressive - all at an amazing value.

We have received numerous compliments from clients on the quality of our video series, citing the quality of the audio recordings as the key element. Douglas has been a pleasure to work with - I would recommend Douglas and his services to anyone looking for high quality audio production and editing!"
-Dave Issler, FabSuite Software

"We are a national touring band with seven CDs and soon to be two DVDs under our belt. We've worked with some real industry giants in other states and other countries. We have used Ceridwen Productions on two albums now, and can't imagine going anywhere else. Doug blends remarkable knowldge, state-of-the-art equipment and software together with a keen musician's ear. His work is affordable and timely.

But more than that, he is able to get inside my head to hear what I want to create, then works tirelessly to help me realize that. All too often, we run into people who want to tell us all the reasons why we can't do something. Doug is just the opposite. He wants to find every possible way to achieve our goals, no matter how lofty.

The facilities, though smaller than some other studios, are more than adequate, and are tastefully and acoustically treated to optimize their flexibility. Doug's resourcefulness is matched only by his encyclopedic knowledge of his software. I would recommend Ceridwen Productions to anyone, whether you're a solo act or a full-on five-piece band like we are. Doug will help you actualize your dreams."
-David Doersch, Run Wild Records

"Doug was extremely knowledgeable and professional during the entire recording process. Like a doctor who is confident in his practice of medicine but also possesses the ability to listen to the patient and individualize treatment. Doug is very adept at utilizing his experience while helping the musician reach their goal. He was enjoyable to work with and I would happily use him again in the future."
-Ted F., Williamsburg VA

"I first want to say thank you for taking the time to come out and do the recording for us. I was highly impressed with the work you sent, but the tips to help and suggestions that you offered were completely on point.... Thank you again for all of your help."
-Cassandra Albert, Cornerstone Baptist Church